Market Guidelines & General Information:

The Banff Farmers’ Market will operate on Wednesdays starting May 29, 2019 to October 9, 2019, Canada Day Monday Jul 1, 2019 and Monday Jul 1 Harvest Fest Sat Sept 14, 2019 and Sunday Sept 15, 2019. The Market will operate in the parking lot by Central park. Market hours are 10am-6pm rain or shine. Vendors are required to be fully set up with vehicles removed from the market area by 9:30 am. All vendors must be packed up and leave the market area by 7:00 pm. Vendors are not permitted to park near the market area or any streets adjacent to the market area. The market manager will provide vendors with approved areas within the town site of Banff to park. No special permits are available for parking and vendors must adhere to all posted parking signage.

The Banff Farmers Market is providing you the right to sell in Banff National Park Town Site under permit. You do not require a business license from the Town of Banff. Vendors can obtain a Banff National Park Pass free of charge, please pick up your park pass from the Market Manager on your 1st Market day.


Application and Vendor Selection:

Please note that full-time vendors will be given priority in space assignment. The Banff Farmers Market reserves the right to assign spaces at the managers discretion.

*The Banff Farmers Market guidelines are MAKE, BAKE or GROW your own products. Therefore we are unable to accept distributorship, manufactured products, promotional booths, or any form of petitioning. We also do not accept products that are handcrafted outside of Alberta or B.C.

All products for sale MUST be pre-approved by the Market Manager and Town of Banff. The Market Manager reserves the right to ask for removal of any items that have not been approved.

All products for sale must be harvested, bottled, produced or packaged within Alberta or B.C.

*Please note 1st year vendors are in “ Discovery Phase”. Banff Market managers reserve the right to revoke vendor contract if Managers deem that products and presentation are not in line with Banff Farmers Market standards.



Refunds will only be given for medical reasons along with a note from a doctor. A $50 administration fee will be deducted from all refunds.


Setup and Take Down Information:

Each booth space is a 10′ x 10′ area. Vendors not using a trailer or food truck are required to use a 10’x10’ pop up tent. Be kind to your neighbours and stay within your assigned area. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their stall at the end of the day. The Market provides bins for recyclable/ compostable materials, and vendors are encouraged to depose of their waste accordingly. A $20 clean-up fee will be charge by the market manager for any space deemed unacceptable by the manager’s standards.

Vendors are responsible for their own display materials (chair, tables, awning, garbage receptacles, etc.) Market stalls are required to make a positive contribution to the market environment. All tents must have 25lbs weights securely fasten to them or the tent will not be allowed to be erected– the staking of stall tents is not permitted under any circumstances. A limited number of trailers will be accepted and no motorized vehicles other than food trucks will be allowed on site during market hours.

Vendors are required to arrive by 8:30 a.m. for 10am start, Anyone arriving after 9:30am will not be permitted to participate. Should an emergency arise please phone or text the Market Manager (403-763- 8772 to notify them of the delay) Attendance to 6pm is mandatory even if vendor has sold out of all their merchandise; vendors may not dismantle displays or any visible signage or vacate the space until 6:00 p.m. All vendors must vacate the parking lot and have parking spaces available for public use by 7pm.

During set up vendors are required to drop off all gear /product then immediately vacate the market area before setting up. If it raining you will be permitted to set up only your tent with weights to keep your display material and product dry.

During take down vendors are required to pack up all gear/products including tent before driving into the market area. If it is raining vendors are permitted to leave their tent up with weights to keep gear/products dry.

The above mentioned set up and take down procedure is very important to the smooth and efficient running of the market. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in the immediate expulsion from the market with no refund.

Parking in Banff is very tricky. Vendors are permitted to park in the Fenlands parking area Muskrat St, Beaver St or Otter St. Refer to a map or Google maps to find area and streets mentioned. Comply will all posted parking sings or you will be ticketed. No special parking pass or treatment will be given to vendors. You will receive a park pass which gives you free access to Banff National Park on Wednesdays.


Health & Food Safety:

The Banff Farmers Market is an Approved Market by the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development Guidelines; the objectives of the Alberta Farmers Market program are:

➢ To maintain and provide the opportunity for profitable and direct market access of safe and high quality Alberta Agriculture and agri-food products to the consumer
➢ To provide a framework allowing for direct sales outlet for safe and high quality handcrafted goods and processed foods, produced in accordance with provincial and federal regulations
➢ To enhance community development and build community rapport for Albertans within Alberta’s rural and urban settings
➢ To provide an opportunity for vendors and managers to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to maximize the potential success of an Approved Farmers Market.

Food Vendors must contact the Public Health Inspector prior to coming to the market to ensure compliance with the Inspector’s standards, applicable regulations and safe food practices. Banff Farmers Market does not refund vendor fees if the Health Inspector does not allow you to sell a product.

For a copy of Food Vendor guidelines see the Alberta Health Website document:

*Banff Health Inspector*
Kori Woodard, B.Sc, CPHI(C) (403) 762-2990

All food vendors are required to take the Basic Food Safety Home Study Course for Farmers’ Markets put out by Alberta Health Services. This is a requirement set by Alberta Agriculture for food vendors selling at approved farmers’ markets. It is a home study course and can be completed in 3 hours or less.

A copy of your Alberta Health vendor certification must be posted in plain view. The certificate needs to be displayed at the market– the Market Manager will ensure it is fastened to your tent every Wednesday of the Banff Farmers Market.

➢ Vendors of processed food products must supply the Market Manager with a letter of approval and other appropriate necessary paperwork from Alberta Health Authority PRIOR to the opening market date.
➢ Hand washing stations are the vendors responsibility. Hand washing stations will be confirmed each market by the Banff Health Inspector, if the vendor has failed to supply a hand washing station, sampling will be prohibited.
➢ All Food Vendors should have a thermometer on site
➢ As an approved Alberta Farmers Market, vendors are granted the right to make food at home- in un-certified kitchens. The Banff Market Managers reserve the right to do home inspections for any vendors making food at home- please remember you operate under The Banff Farmers Market Food Permit.
➢ All Food Vendors Must Label there food correctly (monitored by the CFIA- Canadian Food Inspection Agency)
1. A List of Ingredients
2. Producers Contact Info
3. How to store food properly
4. A best Before date



Please note that while the market is insured, that insurance covers the market as an event only and does not cover the vendors at all. Vendors are encouraged to secure their own liability insurance.

As vendors are not covered under the market’s group policy, it is strongly recommended that vendors carry their own liability insurance. Vendors should call their insurance agents to find out what level of coverage is right for them.

To Obtain vendor Insurance through the Alberta Farmers Market Association, please click on this link for applications:


Vendor Code of Conduct

Vendors who are unable to attend The Banff Farmers Market must notify the Banff Farmers Market manager 72 hours prior to the appropriate date. Vendors who fail to notify the market manager more than 2 times at any point over the 20 Wednesdays of the market season will automatically forfeit their spot and it will be reassigned to a new vendor, without a refund.

Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner at all times. Vendors will not harass, intimidate or be abusive to any other vendors, customers, general public, market staff, market assistants and market managers. Complaints regarding conduct of vendors must be made in writing to the Market Manager within one week of the occurrence. The Market Manager will review the complaint and appropriate action will be taken. Hawking, accosting and/or badgering members of the public or other vendors will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination from the Market with no refund.

Vendors will be responsible for restitution of any damages to Town of Banff property.

All vendors are required to fully read and sign the Banff Farmers Market guideline form. Vendors are required to print out this form and bring a signed copy on their first market day. This guideline form must be received by the market manager prior to set up. Vendors will not be permitted to participate unless a signed copy of the market guidelines is received by the market manager.

The market manager reserves the right to prohibit any person from renting a space at the market. The market manager can ask any vendor to leave the market should that vendor fail or refuse to abide by the guidelines.

I, _____________________________________________ understand the rules and conditions of
The Banff Farmers’ Market.

Waiver – I agree to release, save harmless, and indemnify The Banff Farmers Market, The Town of Banff and Her Majesty the Queen in the Right of Canada as represented by Parks Canada Agency, and/or its officers and directors, employees, agents, or volunteers from and against all claims, actions, costs and expenses and demands in respect of any action or claim of any nature made by any person.

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