The World Over Spice Co.

For centuries, spices have captured our imaginations and our taste buds. At The World Over Spice Co., we indulge this fascination by providing a wide range of premium herbs, spices, salts, chillies, and hand-blended seasonings. Our goal is to deliver organic products of exceptional taste and quality that are good for you, the planet, and the people growing them. We work hard to select spices from all around the world, which we purchase whole whenever possible before grinding and blending them by hand in small batches. We’re proud to say that almost 90% of our products are certified organic, and we’d love to be your go-to source for kitchen staples as well as for unique and hard-to- find products. Looking for high-quality organic cinnamon, or curious about what you can do with black cardamom pods or grains of paradise? Perhaps you need an exotic spice blend to inspire you to create something new and exquisite in the kitchen? Come say hello and check out what we have to offer!