I am Sarah, designer and owner of Lago: Exotic Jewelry & Designs. Fashion and Creative Arts have always been a huge passion in my life. I thought I would become a fashion designer but while I was living in Guatemala and Central America for seven years I realized I was most inspired to make jewelry and accessories. I put all of my energy into perfecting my skills and made a living selling my jewelry on the streets. This allowed me to live the lifestyle I wanted… To be free to travel, meet interesting people, observe different cultures and make some money all at the same time. Along the way I met many other talented artisans from all over the world. We would exchange techniques and inspirations and new ideas and designs would form.
My style is very unique and influenced by all of my adventures. I am inspired by nature and have a huge fascination with different ethnic groups and indigenous people. How they adorn themselves using what is available to them in their respective environments and the techniques and traditions that they use to create their beautiful designs is very inspiring to me and my work.